Retractable Bollards are our most popular bollard that we stock, our anti-ram, manual retractable bollards provide the highest level of perimeter control. This product is an excellent measure for sites where access to an area is often required. Use these bollards to protect buildings, doors, and utilities from damage and even theft.

Manual retractable bollards can be locked in the extended (above ground) position for access control or hidden away in an in-ground casing when a traffic barrier is unnecessary. Our retractable bollard has a 4.5″ diameter surface footprint and rises 36″ above ground. When retracted, the retractable bollard is flush with the roadway.

Retractable Bollards are available in:

  • stainless
  • yellow powder-coated, and
  • custom colors upon request

Features & Benefits

  • minimal 4.5” footprint
  • rises to 36” above ground
  • easy to install
  • provides strength and prominent visibility
  • galvanized casing for additional durability
  • “T-handle” for ease of lifting